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Evening visit to The Firs Garden Railway

Posted 13/7/2015


Wednesday, 8 July – Evening Visit to a members garden railway.

Despite the awful start to the day the evening was dry, albeit a little chilly.  The latter was more than compensated for by the warm welcome and hospitality provided by our hosts, Ian and Trish.

Ian’s G scale garden railway is well thought out and delightfully integrated into the surrounding garden – Trish’s passion.  The layout, despite a work in progress, is flexible in operation and already includes features which give an insight in to how the completed layout will look.  I particularly liked the use of a redundant sink, filled with water, to provide the justification for an excellent viaduct!

 The layout is not just on one level but has gradients up and down which necessitate you actually “driving” the trains under your control – something myself and one or two others found needed a lot of concentration!  Various stock was operated during the evening, some of Ian’s and some that members had brought along, using various means of traction and control.  All a pleasure to watch.  Some of us even had the privilege of a visit to Ian’s N scale “layout in the roof”, recently converted for that purpose and equally impressive.

 The refreshments Trish provided were superb and obviously represented a considerable amount of effort on her part – for which we were all grateful.

 Many thanks to you both for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

 David K.