Railway Modellers

Battery small scale model railways.

David Evans

David Evans, one of our members, is particularly interested in the progress of battery operated small scale model railways.

His particular interest is in OO which is perfectly feasible and actively being developed by a company called Acc+Ess from Scotland. The system is known as Protocab. They are developing the chips to go into the locos and batteries to fit the small size of Great Britain's loco fleet. Along side this they are also developing the small hand held radio transmitter to control multiple locos.

The benefits of this system is that there is NO wiring connected to the track and the age old issue of dirty track is eliminated for ever.

These principles have been used for garden railways for a number of years but the application to small scales has always been hindered by the size of the batteries.

This is the latest newsletter from Acc+Ess with information on the progress made so far.