Railway Modellers

Hints and tips that members have found useful.

We all have occasion to use plaster or fillers at various times. The issue with most plasters is that they can be heavy. If the layout is a portable one then this can be a real bug bear. I'm sure that you have tried the so called lightweight fillers before and found that they are like porridge! Well we have come across a filler that is extremely light weight and very useable. It sands beautifully too so that's a bonus!


Screwfix No Nonsense lightweight filler

There was a conversation recently about adding sounds to the railway layout - not just the digital sounds on locos etc. This site cropped up and has some interesting thoughts. Worth a 10 minute read to get the thought process going!


Sound effects for model railroads

One of the things that alot of us struggle with is to produce believeable backscenes. We have all looked at exhibition layouts and thought "oh! thats a so and so made background scene". Well here is a slide show of interesting thoughts as to how to produce your own individual backscene from easily obtained pictures and scenes from the internet.


Making backscenes