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Reports prior to October 2022 can be found here.

Below are the most recent reports.

Following a change of event, the January 2024 meeting was rescheduled as a workbench session inviting members to bring along their latest projects. The following provided an absorbing series of items hear about.


Tim Lewis brought along an array of P4 scale Cattle Wagons no doubt intended for his model of Coldstream. The lates examples which were Parkside kit based with additional detail were LMS and a SR example to accompany his existing LNER types.


Chris Cox displayed his part scratch-built model of Coventry Engine Shed, circa 1839. This and the accompanying pumphouse were based on a limited detail drawing, and made from Card, Perspex and plasticard. Some smaller items were shown including illuminated lamps based on LED’s cast into a resin.


Dave Gotliffe unravelled his drawings and card cutouts of building footprints of a future project to construct a ‘cameo-diorama’ of Llangollen Station in N gauge. Describing the difficulties of the location, these included three basic levels from the River Dee, the Station itself and the even higher road level with associated buildings.


Andy Vaughan brought in some 16mm scale examples of the 2ft gauge pre-built track used to lay railways serving the trenches in WW1. These are intended to be used as a wagon load on his rolling stock. These are made from etched brass sleepers soldered to ‘O’ gauge track. In addition, an example of a number of plywood wagons to the same scale was on display.


Dave Baxter had some difficulty bringing his project to the meeting as it was his new garden shed, able to accommodate his layout. Dave was able to show his ‘how to avoid lying on my back soldering’ crimps to the meeting. These could be very useful for hard-to-reach locations.


Vernon Larcombe who is modelling Dawley and Stirchley station in 2mm displayed and spoke about his sheet of etched custom-made windows.


Peter Cox had recently bought a Walthers Brill Sperry HO gauge maintenance trailer from ebay. Peter was and had been dealing with a few issued including the fixing of the decoder and lights, together with a partly missing roof walkway. In his presentation he mentioned ‘headerstrip’ connectors and sockets for decoders that enable ‘easier’ soldering.


Mike Bennett had a couple of items to show including his ‘low relief’ Scalescenes N gauge terraced houses and an extensive collection of 3D printed pallets, pallet truck and factory style items in the same scale.


Ian Perrin described the work on his bench in connection with his 3ft x 4ft baseboard. This was scenery based and included the painting of dry-stone walls.


Andy Butler gave a slide show of images for his Liverpool Street based 4mm scale layout to be called Worship Junction. Members may recall Andy’s talk of using of lightweight baseboard materials at a previous meeting. The future apparently requires a large ‘train rotator’ and there was some mention of removing a wall to accommodate it.


Chris Kapolka gave the second slide show, which was an update on his Woodbridge project with images showing the close proximity of the railway into the town and the people living there. Chris

also brought in some cardboard models of various building, one of which will appear ‘full size’ in his garden to eventually accommodate Wadebridge.



Phil Yeend had his latest tram project available. This is kit made by Wistow (apparently very rare) of a London County Council tram in a splendid livery of purple and primrose, decorated with home produced signs and adverts.


Nick Coppin demonstrated the use of ‘memory wire’ to operate signals and a gate. Whilst still experimental it was very impressive what movement could be achieved using this product and applying an electrical current to it.


Trevor Oakley was able to show his home-made programming, test and servicing track. This included a rolling road with variable wheel spacing providing an extended running capability.


Roy Forbes had received a present from ‘Santa’ in the form of a laser cut wooden kit made by ROKR (China) in 1:80 scale. This was now a nearly completed self-assembly kit, allegedly not requiring glue, and described as cross between and IKEA wardrobe and a jig saw!


Ray Graham had brought in a Crosti Boiler 9F, later defined as 8F by knowledgeable members. This was bought by ray and he needed to know what was the origin and make of the kit.


Ian Payne provided a variety of scale items including an N gauge model where he was fitting a coreless motor, a 009 ebay bought model with a Kato chassis, suitable for the layout under construction at Shrewsbury Station, and a 45mm G scale battery powered steam outline model causing numerous issues such as burnt out speed controller and a significant lack of power and speed – to be resolved.


Sam Ryan presented four 009 models, two from ‘Fourdees’ kits, one of which had been painted that morning, and two 3D printed model for fitting onto a suitable Kato chassis. We are promised something of a surprise with these items in the future!


Graham Betts brought in a short 2ft long N gauge baseboard which was built as an experiment to replace 8ft of original board. The experiment, which is nor permanent enables his North American layout to be either 16ft or 10ft. The latest work being to make and fit buildings into the scenery.


Graham Betts.