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Meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month. This is the current programme.

Meet at Priory School 7pm for 7.15pm start.


3rd January 2018

Andrew Vaughan of Severn Models  will give a talk.

How miniature brass etched kits are produced and an introduction on how etching works; followed by a short demonstration of painting with acrylics including choice of paint, brushes, primers, ink washes and drybrushing.



 7th February 2018

A two part Programme comprising:-

Swiss Z Gauge - Dave Gotliffe.

Having modelled in N Gauge for many years, Dave Gotlife's latest two layouts have been set in Switzerland and built in Z Scale. Dave will be bringing along his latest layout "Kyburg", and will be talking about the advantages and limitations of Z Scale and a little about the railways of Switzerland. 


Railways  of Western Australia – Stephen Duffell.

  A broad overview of the railways of Western Australia, looking at the development of the system, the dual gauges, abandoned lines, preservation and current extent of the lines.



7th March 2018


A two part Programme comprising:-


Resistance Soldering and Radio Control of Model Locomotives - Phil Rowe. 


Phil Rowe will give a practical demonstration of resistance soldering and its uses in model railways mainly linked to gauge 1 loco construction.


Radio control of model railways - Dave Evans & Ian Payne

Ian Payne and David Evans talking about and showing the advantages of radio control of model railways, with Ian concentrating on the larger scales and David on 00 gauge locos.



4th April 2018

Association of Shrewsbury Railway Modellers AGM. Also bring along your current modelling project.



2nd May 2018

First Experiences of Fitting DCC Sound to Diesel and Steam Locomotives - Gordon Woods.

Gordon Woods will discuss some of the highlights and occasional pitfalls of fitting DCC sound  to 4mm scale locos from a beginners perspective. The talk will be based on live examples and consider the selection and fitting of DCC chips, the sound programme on them, and the choice of speakers, as well as some of the operating possibilities that DCC sound provides. The talk will be aimed at the 'entry' and 'improver' level DCC modeller (rather than expert) as well as those just considering (or admiring) the possibilities of what sound has to offer.



6th June 2018

Michael Shaw will give a talk about the railways of the Shrewsbury Coalfields.



4th July 2018

Visit to Mick Ogden's garden railway at Broseley.



August 2018

No meeting.



5th September 2018

 Authentic Model Railway Operation – Martin Nield.

Martin Nield will explain how to get more fun from your layout by operating it in accordance with prototype practice. He will discuss the importance of using an authentic track plan, working signals, timetables and realistic train formation and movement.”



3rd October 2018 




7th November 2018.


3D Printing with Alan Buttler of Modelu.



5th December 2018.