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Meeting 4th July 2018

Posted 6/7/2018

Visit to a members garden railway

About fifteen members gathered in Broseley at Mick and Anita's house.  There were the usual comments about hairpin bends and lots of left hand corners which we are used to in this most civilised part of Shropshire!

The weather was very sunny and warm but as the evening progressed, plumes of steam became more evident in the cooling air.  A variety of locos took to the tracks.  Mike Wakefield's Mamod diesel and my Great War 'Tin turtle' petrol loco were first out while the steam engines raised steam.  Andrew Vaughan had his Mamod which ran as sweetly and swiftly as ever.  Phil Rowe had managed to replace a broken gauge glass on his Welshpool and Lanfair 'Countess' only to have it lose a slidebar.  Mick ran his Ruston Hornsby diesel up the branch line with a train of skips.  I think it was Mike Wakefield with the 'Ragleth' and two vans and Ian Payne seemed to take the prize for easy running with his loco 'Trish', a Lady Anne named after his wife.  This was radio controlled and various members had a go running it.  My Kerr Stuart continued to play up after a rebuild and had to have its meths sucked out  before being consigned to its box.

In the garage, the 00 layout was running faultlessly with trains in both directions and a nifty electric signal that changed as the train passed it.

A very pleasant evening and thank you again to Mick and Anita.

Nick Coppin.

Pictures by Sam Ryan. Video by Ian Payne.

Some pictures of the evening.