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Meeting 2nd March 2016.

Posted 6/3/2016

The Importance of Forward Planning when building a Model Railway - John Barnes 

On 2nd March one-time member of ASRM and now active member of Warley MRC John Barnes returned to Shrewsbury to deliver a thought provoking talk on the importance of Forward Planning when building a Model Railway.  Taking us step by step through the modelling process John repeatedly emphasised the maxim - think twice and do once - in avoiding mistakes and achieving satisfactory results.
Among his recommendations were:-
1.  Use large scale OS maps for different periods and journals such as Railway Archive for initial research.
2.  Construct baseboards that are relatively light in weight and easy to move - a principle which should also apply to 'home based layouts' that ultimately have to be taken down or altered.
3.  Avoid the use of chipboard and try always to use new materials.
4.  Draw full scale track plans on lined paper.
5.  Avoid placing points over base board joints.
6.  If you intend to use DCC try to incorporate it from the start.  Remember excellent layouts can be achieved using analogue DC.
7.  Traversers need special consideration.
8.  Keep a record or plan of your wiring systems so that faults can be more easily traced.
9.  When setting up a garage based layout attach the base boards to the walls using wooden battens and bolts.  Do not attach them directly.
10. Cover transformers but make sure there is an air flow through these and through control panels.

Doug Rhodes